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Dinosaurs, Dragons & Fairies: A Family Fun Adventure

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The Dinosauria Experience is a full day of thrills, excitement, and education for the entire family. Your all-day pass grants you unlimited access to almost everything there is to do within the show:

Museum-Inspired Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits
The Dinosauria Experience boasts one of the largest collections of life-size, roaring animatronic Dinosaurs in the world. From gentle plant eaters to the most ferocious predators (including T. Rex and Velociraptor), all the most popular species of prehistoric animals are represented in our exhibits.

Come face to face with a moving, roaring tyrannosaurus rex! The majestic triceratops towers over the show floor

Storybook Dragon Exhibits
Enter the realm of fantasy and enchantment, where dragons come to life in splendid detail. Our fanciful storybook dragons move and roar before your very eyes!

Ferocious dragons leap out of the pages of the story book. Fanciful dragons guard the entrance to the Enchanted Fairy Garden.

Family Photo Hot Spots
Bring your camera! Throughout the show, you will find a number of spots to stop and take family photos. Bring your camera and shoot all you like. And be sure to share your pictures on our Facebook page. We'll repost our favorites, and your pics may even be featured here on our website!

Have your picture taken in the jaws of a giant dino. Pose with dino sized bones in front of our prehistoric bonfire. 

Character/Mascot Photos
We have numerous costumed characters and mascots roaming around our show, and they can't wait to take a picture with you and your kids! Bring your camera or smartphone, and shoot all you like.

Pose for pictures with our dinosaur and dragon mascots! Have you hugged your dinosaur lately? 

Enchanted Fairy Garden
Step out of the world you know and into a the pages of a fairy tale storybook. The enchanted fairy garden features animatronic pixies, as well as real-life fairy princesses who are ready to make your children's wishes come true.

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Enchanted Fairy Meets/Photos
Our fairy princesses are waiting to meet your kids, talk to them about their wishes and dreams, and pose for photos. The fairy garden has proven to be one of the most popular attractions at our shows, for boys AND girls.

Visit the Enchanted Story Garden and meet the Fairy of Happy Dreams Enchanted Fairies are waiting to meet your children and make their wishes come true.

Inflatable Bounce Amusements
Once your kids have taken in all the thrills and excitement of our exhibits, let them burn off all that energy on the largest touring indoor bounce playground in the country. The Dinosauria Experience has a huge collection of Dinosaur and Dragon themed inflatable bounce amusements, slides, and even an obstacle course. 


Dinosaur and Dragon Kiddie Rides
Have you ever wondered what it's like to ride a Dinosaur? We have a variety of Dinosaur and Dragon themed rides, suitable for kids of all ages. Ride all you want, all day long.


Giant T-Rex Slide
An inflatable amusement so spectacular, it deserves its own mention. Slide through the mouth and down the tongue of a larger-than-life Tyrannosaurus Rex!


Dinosaur Arts & Crafts
When you're ready for a break from the action, enjoy some fun and educational Dinosaur themed arts & crafts activities with your children.

Walk-A-Dinosaur Interactive Exhibit
Hold the leash of a walking baby T-Rex, and lead him around the show floor. Don't worry; our expert "trainer" will be on hand to take the leash if Rexy tries to run away.

Meet our walking baby t rex Rex is quite tame, as long as the trainer is on hand to hold the reins. Rex loves making live TV appearances 

Free Dinosaur and Dragon Tattoos
Treat your kids (and yourself) to free temporary tattoos. It's a great way to remember the show when you get home, and it's FREE with your admission!

Please take your time and enjoy the amusements all you like at your own pace. Remember to bring your camera or smart phone, and take as many pictures as you like. The Dinosauria Experience is all about family fun, making lasting memories with your children.

We're Coming to Your City. Get Your Tickets Now!

The Dinosauria Experience also offers a number of premium attractions, which are available for an additional fee:

Gem & Fossil Panning
See what hidden treasures await you. Open a mystery bag, and sift away the sediment to reveal rough gemstones and fossils. Whatever you find is yours to keep!


Face Painting
Let one of our talented artists turn your face into a work of Dinosaur art!


Adventure Photos & Videos
Star in your own Dinosaur action adventure! Step in front of our authentic Hollywood green screen, choose your background scene, and act out your own Dinosaur action sequence in photos or on video.

Star in your own dinosaur themed adventure

DinoStoria Gift Shop
Be sure to visit our gift shop and take home a souvenir of your family fun day at the Dinosauria Experience. The store has a full range of gifts, t-shirts, toys, and memorabilia, all reasonably priced.


We're Coming to Your City. Get Your Tickets Now!